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What We Offer

We provide Bid reminder alerts, a dedicated Engagement Manager, and daily updates on bids.

How We Help

Receive tailored government bids before the competition, and stay ahead in your business.

How You Benefit

Spend less time looking for government bids, and have more time to produce, scale, and grow.

Service Package ($147) + Sign up fee ($150) = $297

Sign up now for just $147

Take advantage of our services

Benefits Of Our Service

Our service is designed to save you time in finding government contracts that perfectly fit your business.

100% Customizable Service

You can completely customize our service by choosing the states, agencies, locations, set-asides, and more you want to focus on.

Comprehensive Contract Search

Our procurement specialist will search for government contracts within your bandwidth and send you a compiled email.

Expert Guidance and Support

Our team of experts provides personalized assistance and advice to meet your specific needs throughout our service period.

Service Package ($147) + Sign up fee ($150) = $297

Sign up now for just $147

Take advantage of our services

There's More With Our Service

Gov Con Events – We provide you with updates on current news events and a list of government contracting events to attend.

Opportunity Reports – Our Opportunity reports are tailored to your business needs to identify potential contracts.

Bid Reminders – With Bid reminders, we ensure you don’t miss any contract opportunities.

Engagement Manager – Our Dedicated Engagement Manager will assist you with the service, ensuring you get the best out of your services with MetroGlobal.

We Offer A Customized Service That Takes Care Of The Entire Process For You With Ease

We have designed a quick and easy sign-up process that allows you to create an account with us in just a few minutes.


Create an account with us by signing up on our website.

Complete Company Profile Form

Once you sign up, you will be required to fill out a Company Profile Form that provides us with information about your business.

Fast Analysis of Profile Form

After you have submitted your Company Profile Form, one of our procurement specialists will analyze it within two business days.

Tailored Contract Opportunities

Based on the information you provide in your Company Profile Form, our procurement specialists will source relevant contract opportunities for your business.

Service Package ($147) + Sign up fee ($150) = $297

Sign up now for just $147

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Our mission is to help companies like yours accelerate business success with tailored government bids that match your specific needs and capabilities.


Your questions and our answers!

A Company Profile Form is what we use to learn more about your company. With this form we are able to find more tailored solicitations for you to bid on which will help your chances of securing the contract!

We are headquartered in the United States, Atlanta Ga.

We have a dedicated Engaement Manager that is for our clients only. For any inquires please reach out to Info@TheMetroGlobal.Com and someone will get back to you in 48-72 business hours.

The length of business operation doesn’t matter.

We wouldn’t  be unable to provide a specific number of contracts that would be sent. MetroGlobal isn’t  creating the opportunities being sent to you they are being directly sourced from the Government based on their needs. Lastly, we factor in your companies your companies core competencies. Once we have a tailored match we send it directly to you.

At this time, we are not offering certification assistance.

Keep in mind the government purchases from small businesses not individuals. You can still sign up for our services however you will not be able to go after the opportunities being sent until you have a business entity.

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